The Best Watersports you can enjoy during the Summer

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Summer is the best weather condition. The atmosphere is very friendly and favorable. This is the best condition for Water Sports. This is because during Summer, the rivers,lakes, seas and oceans are calmer and more tolerable for sports. This Article will discuss the best watersports you can enjoy during summer.

They are as follows:


2P6NhKayaking is a Watersport that involves paddling using a small boat known as a Kayak and a double-bladed Oar. Kayaks come in a variety of sizes however most Kayaks have an enclosed deck that covers the legs. The Kayak sits low in water and most types will usually accommodate a single paddler, however there are some Kayaks like the Tandem Kayak that can hold two people. Kayaking is a versatile sports. It can be done in any body of water and can easily be paired with fishing. Different Kayaks are designed for different conditions.


Surfing is a Watersport in which the Surfer rides on the forward part of a moving wave. Waves suitable for surfing are usually found in the Ocean. Surfing is an addictive watersport. This is because hardly do you see a first time Surfer who does not return for more of the sport. There are two categories of Surfers. Those who do it as a recreational activity and those who make it a central focus of their lives. The sport of surfing is currently a Multi-Billion dollar Industry.


kitesurfing-equipment-for-saleKite-Surfing is a watersport that involves a surfer riding on a Surf Board holding on to a Kite. Kite-Surfers do not rely on waves for motion. They rely on the power of the wind that is harnessed by the Kite. The motion of a Kite-Surfer is controlled by the Kite.


Jet-Skiing is a watersport in which a person rides a Jet-Ski in water and jumps over the wave. This is a watersport that emphasizes speed. Jet Skis are incredibly fast. Jet-Sking is a very safe watersport as the Jet-Ski is a completely mechanical device that propels itself. A Jet-Ski has a start and stop button, it also has a throttle to increase speed. Modern Jet-Skis are equipped with a speedometer and a fuel gauge.


Tubing is a watersport in which a person rides inside a tube on the water. There are two types of Water tubing. There is the towed tubing and free-floating tubing. In a towed tubing, the riders connect their tubes to a Watercraft for instance a motor boat. The rider is then towed through the water by the Watercraft. In free-floating tubing, the riders are not connected to a Watercraft and rely on the Water current for motion through the water.


maxresdefault (1)Parasailing is a watersport whereby a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that resembles a parachute. This specially designed canopy wing is known and referred to as the parasail. The Parasailor is attached to the parasail by an harness which in turn is connected to a moving boat.


Wakeboarding is a watersport that involves riding a wake board connected to a speed boat on the surface of the water. The Wake Boarder is usually towed at a speed of between 30-40KM per hour depending on the Boarder’s weight and size of the wakeboard.

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